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Scientific Administration



June co-ordinates and manages the S$25mil fund in this TCR research grant.  She ensures compliance with funding processes of our funding agency, the National Medical Research Council.  With a Bachelors Degree in Business, majoring in Accountancy, June has diverse experience in Financial & Management Accounting and Internal Audit & Budgeting with French MNCs.  Besides being immersed in numbers, June loves animals and enjoys photography, baking and learning Hebrew and Japanese.  Pleasant and meticulous, June has all the credentials that deem her fit to maintain a clean set of accounts.  June chooses to work for DevOS because it is a great privilege and honour to be part of a world renowned, dynamic research team and seeing every cent spent wisely and worthily for the success of this TCR.


This is my first job after graduating from university with a major in communications. I choose to work in DevOS because I am interested in viewing the scientific world from an arts point of view.  I have a soft spot for film cameras, film photography and dinosaurs.



Janie Foo is a senior clinical research coordinator with the department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, NUS. In GUSTO, she acts as a liaison nurse coordinator for NUH overseeing the ground operation. She received her nursing training in Singapore and obtained her registration as a Registered Nurse (RN) in 1993. She then worked as a RN in various medical settings before moving to clinical research in 2002 till now. She is trained in clinical trial management and has handled various research studies and trials over the years. She has learnt a great deal from clinical research and hope to be able to contribute this in GUSTO. She looks forward to be part of this exciting research team in the quest for new knowledge.


Shu E oversees the team and contributes to the planning, design and implementation of research strategies. As the Research Fellow, she will discuss findings with other multidisciplinary clinicians and researchers to plan for analysis and write-up of project results for publications. Shu E has a strong interest in research and presented her research findings in several local and international conferences during her postgraduate studies.

“I choose to work for DevOS because i envision the challenges in GUSTO as a fertile ground to blossom as a budding epidemiologist.”


Dr Shen obtained her second degree at NUS – MMed (Public Health). Her first degree was from China, and she was an obstetrics and gynaecology doctor for more than three years there before coming to Singapore and then endeavoured herself in the research field for two years. In research, Dr Shen has done clinical study management, research project administration and execution, data management, and scientific paper writing. She hopes more people could be healthier and live longer.


My PhD was in basic sciences consisting of a melting pot of disciplines – immunology, microbiology and cancer.  However, I find that it is much more gratifying to see basic sciences translate into something that is of value to improve the health and quality of life of people, which is why I chose to join DevOS.  Knowledge heals doubts and diseases.



Doreen  joined the DevOS team as administrative officer. She has many years of secretarial and administrative experience in various industry.  Her motivation in life is the quote by Denis Waitley “There are two primary choices in life: to accept conditions as they exist, or accept the responsibility for changing them.


Moira is Communications Manager for DevOS.  She relishes writing and taking photos of DevOS in action.  She feels that any work that prevents disease, improves health and happiness - is really worth doing. 

In a mission to delay the onset of osteoporosis, when not in the office, she's mostly found between rugged country and running water.

Moira works in DevOS because she thinks prevention is cheaper than cure.


Dr Mya Thway Tint, originally from Myanmar,  came to Singapore in 2004 to pursue a career in clinical research.  She took on an M.Sc. (NUS) and researched the response to insulin sensitizers by Asian type 2 diabetics of different ethnicities.  She is presently undertaking her doctoral research into the assessment  of body composition in Asian neonates.

In GUSTO, Mya Thway works closely with Investigators to facilitate the scientific development of the study.  Her efforts have been key in the setting up of an online research repository for the behavioural and imaging data in GUSTO. Mya Thway is convinced that  GUSTO can contribute towards improving maternal and fetal health outcomes which will translate into a “better quality of life”.


With a burning passion to help mothers breastfeed, Doris served as the first Asian Ambassador in the International Lactation Consultants’ Association and was the first Asian representative in the International Board of Certifying Lactation Consultants’ Examiners.  With her wealth of experience engaging mothers from all walks of life, Doris is currently the manager for the Home Visit Team. Away from the bustle of work, Doris enjoys playing volleyball, sketching and singing along to her favourite tunes.

Doris chooses to work for DevOS because she is interested in research involving mothers and babies.  She is particularly concerned about health outcomes for babies, and believes that preventive medicine is equally important in contributing to a healthier world!


Life is full of changes and change itself can be a challenge or threat to oneself. My belief is to think positive and ride the storm. Engaging in the DevOS project has brought changes in my life, and I have learned to embrace these changes as opportunities in work.


I am a Clinical Pharmacologist by education, trained in the field of clinical research.  I have enjoyed being part of a project management team of clinical trial and clinical research studies in various therapeutic segments like diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, dentistry and Obstetrics & Gynaecology.  Apart from this serious work, I also enjoy cooking and gardening.  A happy wife, mother of two children and an enthusiastic workmate is what I am, in a nutshell.   I am proud to be part of this vibrant and cheerful group of people at DevOS.




I'm a biochemist by training and have always been fascinated by how life works.  A few years back I was introduced to the field of human lactation - understanding how mothers produce milk and was inspired to advance our knowledge in this area.  Working in DevOS helps me fulfill this goal and brings it closer to home with it being an Asian study.



Having dabbled in Bioinformatics during my university days in NUS, I realized where my true passion lies. Despite Graduating with a Degree majoring in Life Sciences, I embarked on my first job as a Data Management Executive with DevOS. I was given the opportunity to manage large volumes of data and participate in the development of databases to store them. I found that Bioinformatics fit me like a glove and it has been an enriching experience working in DevOS. When I am not busy sifting through spreadsheets and working with the data management team, I spend my time going on hikes, travelling, cooking and recording all my exploits through analogue photography.

Scientific Advisory Board