Most young people are so much concerned about their and especially their facial organs. Chin is one organ that many people consider to be crucial. Rather than correcting a retracted chin through a surgical operation, chin fillers are perfect for correcting chin defects.

Some reasons why people consider chin fillers Singapore

Chin fillers help to improve face proportion as well as achieving a V-shape face. Women benefit more from chin fillers though men also benefit to a lesser extent. Men who have a sharp chins look more masculine than feminine.

How long do chin fillers last

How long your chin fillers last depends on the fillers’ properties; however, temporary fillers can last for a period of between nine months and one year. Semi-permanent fillers can last for two years.

How chin filler is performed

Before commencing treatment, a numbing cream is applied for a period of fifteen to twenty minutes. At least one to three injection points are usually performed. The physician then moulds the filler to look natural and finally apply an antibacterial cream to prevent any infection. The numbing creams make chin filler treatment bearable. Lidocaine presence in most dermal fillers helps to minimize pain during injection. You can experience some mild discomfort when the needle penetrates the skin, which should not be a concern.

Let us look at some of the benefits of chin filler treatment

Improve receded or small chin

Chin fillers help improve projection and the length of the jaw, especially those with receded and little jaws. Beauty is the next thing that makes people go for chin filler treatment. People in Singapore use this procedure to remain youthful for a long time.

Achieving V-shape face

Many Asian women associate a V-shape with feminine features, and they find chin fillers Singapore treatment as their solution. Filler treatment can help you achieve a narrow face. You can also use this treatment for contouring your chin. Maintaining a cute look has become a walk in the park.

Correct cleft chin

A cleft chin is one that usually has a dimple resulting from chin muscles being abnormally far apart. When chin muscles are further apart, they cause the skin to pull in the chin. A special kind of acid injected in the dimple, which consequentially raises the skin at the point of depression. Lifting the skin in the depressed area helps make a face proportional to the rest of the face.

There are two standard methods of skin augmentation, namely surgical and non- surgical techniques. The non- surgical is temporary and takes a short period to heal. On the other hand, the surgical method is permanent and takes much time to heal and other risks such as anesthesia and high-cost risks. Surgical remedies are irreversible unless another operation is conducted, making them the wrong choice to pick.

It is wise to visit a doctor for consultation and advice before deciding on the type of skin augmentation. Chin filler treatments have minor side effects that you also need to know and see whether you can cope with them.