Finding the best resale renovation ideas

HDB room renovation for resale can break your budget if you do not have the right ideas while undertaking the task. Interior design is not a course that you will find in most institutions despite many people willing to transform their living rooms from ratchet looking to slaying designs. The following 4 room hdb resale renovation ideas will help you while designing your resale flat.

1.Choose a contractor/interior designer

Choose several interior designers based on recommendations and quotations and narrow down your choice. If a contractor asks you to give a budget estimate, it is wise to give the designer a lower estimate because budgets tend to escalate when actual work commences. Always ensure your designer is insured and registered before you engage him/her.

2.Settle on design, look, and concept

Once you have a contractor or an interior designer in place, you can now explain to the designer your preference to actualize them. Your interior designer will incorporate your ideas into his and come up with a three-dimensional design. Most contractors will require a deposit of about twenty-five percent of the total contract cost before presenting their model to prevent clients from stealing their designs and implementing them on their own.

3. Choose your tiling, flooring and surface renovation materials

The next step is choosing the materials to use for your renovation. While selecting tiles, it is essential to consider where you want to install them. Tiles that experience high traffic like bathroom and toilet tiles need to be large and dark colors that are easy to clean. Vinyl tiles are water resistant, easy to maintain, and affordable compared to other alternatives like ceramic tiles. Choose counter-top materials that are easy to clean and durable for your renovation.

4.Plan your built-in features

Plan your built-in features for the various rooms bearing in mind that these built-ins will be there for as long as your house exists, and amending them in the future might be costly.

You may need a built-in wardrobe in your bedroom; you may want to install a half wall for your study room and a feature wall to add elegance to your living room. Ensure your in-built features are well planned to stick in place for a foreseeable future and mitigate alterations to the built-ins in the future.

5. Buy fixtures and accessories

Finally, to complete your renovation and interior design, you need to purchase various fixtures and appliances. Paint doors and repair or change old doors or knobs to give them a new finish. Change the window grills, but ensure you do not compromise their security. Buy such appliances like electric lamps, curtains, television, fridge, shower heads, and digital lock systems for your gates.

Final thoughts

You need to bank a lot in terms of interior design information before you spend your hard-earned cash on the actual design. Knowledge is power, and these ideas will empower you.