Checking quality of table top for study table

Children will do well academically only if they study well for many hours. Hence it is important to have a well designed study table which they can comfortably use. It is also important to ensure that high quality safe materials are used in the table so that the health of the child using the table for many hours is not affected. Hence the parents should check the material used in the study table for children Singapore, especially the table top carefully. Some considerations while checking the table top material for the study table purchased are listed below.


Children will apply pressure on the table top while they are reading and writing. They will often use hard objects like pen tips on the table top. If normal wood is used for the table top it will develop scratches, which will make the table look dirty and shabby. Hence one of the main considerations while purchasing the table top is the top layer of the table top. Ideally the top layer of the tabletop should be scratch resistant, so even hard items are pressed on it, it will not develop scratches. The Kidschamp Magicube table has a specially formulated top layer which is both scratch and wear resistant, so that it will look new despite being used for months.


While writing or using the table, the child may apply more force to the table. The hands and arms of the child may be wet, if he does not dry, or because he is sweating. So the table top material should be strong enough, so that it does not bend or break when more force is applied, or when a heavy object falls on it. Hence the Magicube study table has three layers, the top scratch resistant layer, the reinforcement layer made from wood, and the bottom core layer derived from the Albizzia Facata tree, widely grown in Malaysia and Indonesia. 


The Albizzia Facata (also called Albasia facata) wood is widely used in furniture since it is a very durable material and will last for many years when used indoors. It also does not warp like other types of wood. The wood is available in different sizes, thickness and the color is also attractive. The reinforcement layer and solid wood core used in the table top is much stronger than the chipboard, MDF or plywood which are used in most of other study tables which are available in Singapore for the students.


Formaldehyde is used extensively for manufacturing furniture, and it can adversely affect the health of the person using the furniture. The furniture which has formaldehyde will often have a distinctive smell due to the vapors emitted, and the amount of vapors increase as the room temperature rises. Hence to prevent health problems in the child using the study table, the parent should check the formaldehyde content of the table before purchasing the table. While the safety norms for formaldehyde content are 0.4 mg / liter or less, the actual levels in the magicube table are 0.1mg/liter or less.