Best Chinese hotel buffets in Singapore

Being an international trip destination for many people around the globe, Singapore has the best buffets around the world worth eating there. Are you ready for a big feat? Head to a world-class buffet in a luxurious hotel and eat to your fill. The excellent quality services, world-class chefs, premium ingredients, and luxury ambiance will delight your mealtime. If you need quality yet affordable buffets in Singapore, here are some for your consideration.

  1. Singapore Atrium Holiday Inn

Embark on a variety of cuisine journeys at Atrium restaurant that are tailored to meet every taste. The restaurant gives you a chance to indulge in both local and international cuisines at this halal-certified restaurant. With the current situation, you don’t have to worry about your safety as the foods in this restaurant are prepared and served by a fully vaccinated service and kitchen crew. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about finishing all your delicacies at this hotel because the Atrium restaurants provide takeaway and food delivery options.

Enjoy the lively ambiance in this 24hour dining. Indulge yourself in this international buffet that grants international fare alongside local cuisine like laksa Singapore chili crayfish. Besides, if you are a religious person, who has traveled abroad, the hotel has a prayer room to accommodate you, which is just a one-minute walk away from the hotel. If you need a quick meal fix with fewer hassles, check out at

The hotel’s world-class checks and service crew will curate a myriad of Indian, Chinese, and manly delights to tantalize your taste buds, including gluten-free options vegetarian and vegan options for an inclusive and welcoming mealtime encounter. Select Meals from the various tantalizing meals and if you have food allergies, just let the restaurant’s staff know for special arrangements.

fresh colourful asian vegetables salad lo hei yu sheng with smoked salmon and sauces buffet for chinese new year menu

B.Xin cuisine restaurant

Established over three decades ago, this award-winning restaurant delivers the best Chinese cuisine. With their well-crafted menus and recipes crafted by exquisite chefs, this is a home for stylish and authentic Cantonese culinary feasts. The restaurant’s lavish Cantonese dim sum promises to deliver an exquisite mealtime experience second to none.

Intrigue your buds with china’s seasonal delicacies like Custard bun with salted egg yolk, shrimp dumpling with har Kow, and a steamed Barbecued Pork bun. For a wholesome meal, pair these favorites with the restaurant’s signature. Complete this with a savory dessert from the hotel’s well-crafted menu, only available every lunch hour. Are you the kind of person that loves eating but cooking is not your thing? Worry Not, make your orders, get the foods delivered to your home, and enjoy at your own pleasure. Leave all the food preparation to the restaurant chefs and sit back to enjoy your meal.


Hotel buffets are many within Singapore, but getting one with tantalizing delicacies can be challenging at times. But with the two elegant restaurants, Atrium and Xin cuisine restaurant, on the list, your meal needs are well catered for. All you need to do is order or visit the hotel and eat like a king.